My name is Gaëtan Moreau, I am 19 years old and I am currently in my second year of a Multimedia and communication Degree in University of Limoges. This training allows me to be versatile in sectors such as communication, web, network or project management. I'm passionate about the web world, especially web development. I let you learn more about me by consulting my cv.



Educational Background


Photo IUT du limousin

Multimedia and communication Degree

Specialized in communication and possessing artistic qualities. Use of digital media and technologies. Ability to surf on the various communication media and networks to ensure their implementation, distribution and maintenance.


Photo Lycée Albert Claveille

High school diploma - Sciences and technologies of industry and sustainable development, Information and Digital System

The high school diploma STI2D allows to acquire a polyvalent technological training in the fields of industry and sustainable development.
This speciality focuses on the analysis and creation of technical solutions relating to the processing of information flows.


× Photo Projet tutoré

Tutored project

This website is a site that was created during the tutored project of semester 2. This project was to be done in groups of 3. The theme was "Escape MMI", we had to create a page that would present the MMI training and this page had to be accompanied by a game like "Escape Game online" that would also present the training in a playful way.

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× Photo Ere-mythes


Ere-mythes is a university project, in groups of 5, we had to create a Wordpress blog on the theme of our choice. Ere-mythes is a blog that presents the different mythologies that populate our world.

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× Photo Landing page KTM

KTM Landing page

This landing page is a personal project, this project was to make a landing page on the theme of KTM.

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× Photo Landing page Huawei

Huawei Landing page

This landing page is a personal project, this project was to make a landing page on the theme of Huawei.

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× Photo Ecologia


Ecologia is a university project aimed at communicating and sharing information about human's impact on our planet.

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× Photo Tissus d'Hélène

Les tissus d'Helene

I made this website for Hélène Moreau, Hélène asked me to make her a website to better showcase her work. In addition to her Facebook page "Les tissus d'Hélène", she can now display her creations on her website.

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